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GS 350 / GS 351 2G
This two-part course is designed for students who have applied to a study abroad program 5 weeks or longer (semester or academic year). To receive the COR 2 and G tags, students must participate in pre-departure meetings in the semester prior to study abroad, enroll in GS 350 during the Study Abroad program, and enroll in GS 351 2G during the first session of the semester after the Study Abroad program. Around the theme of global citizenship students will prepare for and engage in a meaningful community-based learning experience in the host country, culminating in a personal mission statement. The cost of the study abroad program is in addition to the tuition of these two courses. Prerequisites: COR 1; submitted application for a study abroad program. *Note: This course is not offered during the summer term.


Fall 2018: Students participate in the CGE Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientation & two COR 2 meetings.                    
                             *Students are not enrolled in any credits during this period.

Spring 2019: Study Abroad Semester! Student enrolls in GS350 
In addition to the courses taken at the host university, the student must enroll in this 1 credit online course through Edgewood. 

Fall 2019, Session I:  Student enrolls in GS351
2-credit class at Edgewood with other study abroad students.
3 class meetings are arranged to fit the students’ class schedules.

Class taught by Sara Liang, Director, Center for Global Education. 
Contact sliang@edgewood.edu for more information.

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