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Thank you for encouraging your student to study abroad! In an increasingly global society, experience outside the U.S. enhances the education of students across all disciplines. This page will give you basic information about the study abroad programs offered through Edgewood’s Center for Global Education (CGE) and provide you with the resources necessary to support your student as they explore this valuable educational opportunity. 

What exactly is study abroad?
At Edgewood we define study abroad as academic study outside the United States for which a student receives credit towards their degree.  This first-hand international experience can vary in length from 2 weeks to 1 year and can include everything from traditional coursework to internships, service learning and other field experience. Study abroad can also be defined as an excellent investment in your student’s future as a mature, compassionate, and culturally competent professional!   

How can I encourage my student to study abroad?   
Utilize the Center for Global Education online resources and have your student contact our office to setup an advising appointment. We strongly encourage parents to educate themselves about their student’s program provider, location and financial requirements.

Program Type:
We offer semester, academic year, summer and short-term faculty-led programs. Faculty-led programs involve taking a course at Edgewood followed by a 2-5 week travel course during the winter or summer term.

Program Length: 
Program length varies.  Short-term programs typically run anywhere between two to eight weeks, while long term programs can be one semester to one academic year long.

Program Location: 
Edgewood College sponsors programs in over 54 countries on 6 continents! For more information about your student’s destination check out the Country Handbooks page found on the Edgewood Exchange Sponsored ISEP website.  Additional information can be found on the U.S. State Department website.

Credit Transfer: 
Edgewood College students in any major can study abroad and graduate in 4 years with advanced planning. Before departing, students work with their academic and study abroad advisors to ensure they will receive credit for courses abroad. This process helps students know what course equivalences are available for them to take at their host country prior to travel.    

What resources does Edgewood College offer my student regarding study abroad?

  • A professional study abroad and academic advising staff to help guide student’s through the process.
  • A Coursework Pre-Approval Process to ensure courses are approved to count toward graduation prior to travel.
  • A two day Pre-Departure Orientation to review relevant cultural, safety and academic requirements abroad.
  • The Center for Global Education’s study abroad portal AbroadOffice resources.
  • On-site program provider support during study abroad experience.
  • An Edgewood College 24/7 study abroad emergency response contact.   
  • Re-Entry Resources (i.e. Global Ambassador Program, Global Buddy Program, International Club) to engage with organizations that interact with other perspective study abroad and international students.

Financial Aid: Understanding Exchange vs. Non-Exchange Programs
Exchange Programs: Students that enroll in Edgewood Exchange Programs including the International Student Exchange Program (www.isep.org), the Edgewood College-Masaryk University Exchange Program and the Edgewood College-Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Exchange Program can apply federal and Edgewood institutional aid toward their programs. The cost of these programs are based on the cost of Edgewood tuition, room, board and an exchange student fee of $150.

Non-Exchange Programs: Students applying to Non-Edgewood Programs (i.e. ISEP Direct, Irish American Scholars Program, Liverpool Hope University, API, ISA, SIT and Semester at Sea) can only apply their federal aid to the program cost. No Edgewood institutional aid can be applied.  The cost of these programs varies and the Center for Global Education recommend these programs for students who have received less Edgewood institutional aid or have very specific needs for a study abroad program (i.e. guaranteed placement at a particular university). To learn more about financially conscious programs and study abroad budgeting visit our Financing Study Abroad page.   

For all programs: In addition to the program cost students should prepare for the following costs: passport, visa, flight, meals (non-exchange), health insurance and personal expenses.*All program provider packages are different. Review “what’s included” with each provider to understand the full value of the program to help anticipate additional costs. This information is typically located on the provider website.

Other Financial Considerations:
Reapplying for Financial Aid: If your student is spending a semester abroad in the spring and would like to apply for financial aid for the next academic year, they should make plans before they leave to ensure that their application for financial aid is filed in a timely manner. Our priority filing date is March 1. They can complete your new or renewal FAFSA at
www.fafsa.ed.gov. Our school code is 003848.

Loan Repayment: If your student is participating in an Edgewood Sponsored program and are enrolled at least ½ time they will not be required to begin repayment of your Stafford loans. If they are NOT enrolled in one of the Edgewood Sponsored Programs, they will need to contact their loan servicer (they can find their loan servicer by going to www.nslds.ed.gov for deferment options.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): At the end of the term, we perform Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) review. This involves comparing the number of credits we based the students aid on for the semester with the number actually earned. Because most abroad transcripts are not received at the time of the review, your student may receive a letter from us indicating a violation of the policy. It is their responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office once those official transcripts are sent to Edgewood so that they can re-review your students progress. 

*Institutional funds include but are not limited to: Presidential, Dominican, Founders, or Heritage Scholarships, Fine Arts Grants, Cor ad Cor Awards, Edgewood Grants, Alumni or Mazzuchelli Grants or any named scholarships*

Health Insurance:
All student abroad students are required to enroll in a study abroad travel health insurance policy. All program providers require their own specific health insurance policy which students will be enrolled in upon admission into the program. Students studying on Edgewood College study abroad programs will be enrolled in the Edgewood College Study Abroad Health Insurance Policy through HTH Worldwide. For more information about this policy and its coverage please visit the Accepted Student Resources page and view the policy website and brochure located under “Health and Safety Abroad.”

Edgewood Exchange Programs are billed directly through the Edgewood College online payment system.

In most cases, students pay the program provider directly for Non-Edgewood Programs. If the student is applying federal aid towards their Non-Edgewood Program they will be required to complete a Consortium Agreement with the Edgewood College Financial Aid Office. Consortium Agreements facilitate the transfer of federal aid either directly to the program provider or to your student. *If your student indicates on the Consortium Agreement to have their federal aid transferred directly to them, it will be your student’s responsibility to then pay the program provider. Otherwise, Edgewood College will facilitate the federal aid disbursement to the provider directly. Payment plans are available through Non-Edgewood Direct Programs, but you must contact the program provider’s financial office to inquire about these opportunities.

Note: Institutional and/or federal aid will not distributed to your student until arrival to their host-country and the course registration has been confirmed through the submission to Edgewood College of an Enrollment Verification Form. This form is accessible by students in their portal and by no means will aid be dispersed until these steps have been completed.  

Pre-Departure Services:

Cultural: All study abroad students are required to participate in a Pre-Departure Orientation in which a variety of culture topics will be covered in order to help the student acclimate to their future host culture. Presentations on cultural adjustment, understanding U.S. culture and a panel of study abroad returnees will give advice and insight into students planning to go abroad.

Health and Safety:  At the Pre-Departure Orientation Health and Safety sessions are facilitated by the Director of Health Services and Co-Director of the Center for Global Education. Students receive information about recommended routine and travel immunizations, best practices for personal safety outside the U.S. and emergency response protocols while traveling internationally. Students have access to electronic health handouts with a variety of health and safety related resources available to them in the AbroadOffice portal. Edgewood College takes travel health and safety very seriously and are continuously monitoring the status of the world and where our students are traveling at all times. For more information about health and safety abroad, please review the U.S. State Department website.

Academic: The final portion of the Pre-Departure orientation addresses academic issues.  Representatives of the Registrar’s and Financial Aid office give presentations to ensure students have a seamless transition between the Edgewood College and host universities by providing an overview of the Coursework Pre-approval Process and guided financial counseling.

Electronic Resources for Parents:

Suggested Reading: Recommended by the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center

  • NAFSA’s What Parents Need to Know! Before, During and After Education Abroad

  • "Before They Go Abroad.” James McCommons. Better Homes and Gardens magazine, August 2006

  • Communicating with Strangers: An Introduction to Intercultural Communication  William B. Gudykunst and Young Yun Kim

  • American-Cultural Patterns: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Edward C. Stewart and Milton J. Bennett (especially chapters 4 and 5)

  • Survival Kit for Overseas Living. Robert Kohls

  • Trans-Cultural Study Guide. Grey Bryan, Ken Darrow, Dan Morrow, Brad Palmquist

  • Study Abroad For Dummies, Erin E. Sullivan.

  • Surviving Re-entry: A Readjustment Manual for Parents

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