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1) Attend a Study Abroad Information Session.

  • Sessions are held throughout the year - Check the College Calendar/Presence.

2) Create an account in AbroadOffice (study abroad portal).

3) Identify goals for your study abroad experience.

  • Consider academic, professional, and personal learning and skill development.

4) Research programs.

  • There are hundreds of programs out there – start by looking at Edgewood-sponsored and affiliated programs:

• Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs: Check AbroadOffice.

• Semester, Summer & Academic Year: Masaryk University, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Irish-American Scholars Program, International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), and ISA.

5) Schedule advising appointments.

  • Short-term Faculty-Led Programs: Schedule advising appointments and reach out to the faculty program director as needed.
  • Semester, Summer & Academic Year: Schedule meetings with a study abroad peer advisor, the Director of Study Abroad, and your academic advisor to discuss your study abroad plans.

6) Apply by the posted deadline.

  • Submit a study abroad application in AbroadOffice. You may also need to submit a separate application directly to a sponsoring organization/provider like ISEP or ISA.

7) Prepare your finances and apply for study abroad scholarships.

  • Review your financial aid package to understand which aid can be applied to the cost of your study abroad program and learn about the costs associated with exchange and non-exchange study abroad programs.
  • Apply for study abroad scholarships through Edgewood College and other organizations.

8) Complete study abroad paperwork and participate in pre-departure orientation.

  • Faculty-Led Programs: Pre-departure orientation will be part of your on-campus course.
  • Semester, Summer & Academic Year: You will be required to complete paperwork and participate in orientation sessions during the term prior to your study abroad program.

9) Study Abroad!

  • Learn, engage, adapt, and immerse yourself in your host culture. Stay in touch with Edgewood during this time and submit on-site study abroad paperwork.

10) Reflect and build on your experiences when you return to Edgewood.

  • Engage with re-entry programming through the Center for Global Education. Reflect on your experience and find ways to expand on your international experience through courses and professional and career development.

*The study abroad advising process looks different for every student depending on their program choice and personal preference. The Center for Global Education is willing to meet with students as much as needed to prepare and support them for an international experience.


l and career development. GPA requirements vary by program! Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA to apply for an Edgewood Exchange Program for a semester or academic year program. Some faculty-led programs and Non-Edgewood Direct Programs may have lower GPA requirements (anywhere from 2.0 - 2.5 minimum).



Applicants must have sophomore status to apply for semester or academic year programs. Freshmen are encouraged to participate in faculty-led programs and to start the planning process for a semester or year length study abroad program as soon as they are ready.

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